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Power Grid Experts - Interoperability - Standards CEI 61968 61970 61850 62325 63110


is a small company engaged in Research-Development in Smartgrids and connected areas.

Its activity is based on standards in accordance with CEI TC 57.

 We at Zamiren think that the elements ofinformation exchange should be based on a coherent Information Model agreed on by different companies. These elements should be standardized.

We are developing, in partnership with others, a methodology and the corresponding tools.

A member of the Cluster Systematic, Zamiren takes part in research and Development projects, as for example , EPIT.

Zamiren offers to help any project, including research projects, which want to develop a system based on the standards.


Zamiren provides services in compliance with the IEC T57 standards, in particular the modelization in UML of the Information Model and the elaboration of exchange structures (XML). This is done according to the methodology proposed and Zamiren provides technical support where a system architecture has to be developed.

The company also develops specific support tools.

The company runs training courses on UML programming and an introduction to the 61970, 61968 and 61850 IEC standards.