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Vedecom/Renault have proposed to Zamiren to study architectural alternatives for the management of ChargingStations.

The goal was to build an end-to-end model based on the IEC61850 standard in order to measure its feasibility and to have an instrument to study different alternatives.

This approach for the first mock-up is summarized by the following figure here , its implementation achitecture is summarized here

In this first mock-up the vehicle was connected using an IED.

The second mock-up evolved the implementation in two directions:

for more realism, the raspberrys, embarking the simulation of the vehicles, have been physically conected by cables to the raspberrys embarking the simulation of the EVSEs
IEC61850 modelling has evolved from that of IEC61850-90-8 DTR to that of IEC61850-420, that is to say to DER.

A series of slides shows the approach of this second model and are visible here

A series of videos show different aspects of the model’s use.

Two use-case scenarios are followed for the demonstrations:

Scenario 1 is a V2G scenario. It involves 3 vehicles having reserved the EVSEs of a ChargingStation and having previously registered in the CSMS energy offers negotiated beforehand with a flexibility operator (negotiation outside the scope of the demonstration) which proceed to a discharge. Its sequence diagram is visible here
Scenario 2 is a "smart charging" scenario. It involves 3 vehicles. One of the vehicles has reserved an EVSE, the others arrive spontaneously. The scenario simulates a network hazard limiting the load possibilities. Its sequence diagram is visible here

The demo videos of the mock-up 2 are accessible through the mock-up 2 menu