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Power Grid Experts - Interoperability - Standards CEI 61968 61970 61850 62325 63110

Zamiren is a member of the WG10 group which is responsible for the IEC61850 standard.

 The purpose of the IEC 61850 series is to ensure interoperability between all devices in the automation systems of an electrical company. Therefore, it defines the communication networks and systems for the automation of power companies, and more particularly the communication architecture for subsystems such as the substation automation systems. The set of all subsystems can also result in the description of the communication architecture for the overall management of electrical systems.

The communications between these equipment in the subsystems and between the subsystems within the overall automation system of the electricity utilities must satisfy many requirements imposed by all the functions to be performed in the substations, starting with the basic requirements in the positions. These requirements apply to data to be organized into a data model and to the exchange of data resulting from the services. The performance of data exchange involves not only the transfer times but also the quality of data exchange to avoid loss of information in the communication.

Depending on the philosophy of the supplier and the user and the technical rules of the art, the distribution of functions between the equipment levels and control devices is not uniformly fixed. Therefore, the standard must support any division of functions. This entails different requirements for the various communication interfaces in posts at their limits and beyond.

For his part, Zamiren  contributed to the development of the UML model, which is used to publish the standard . Zamiren has developed an expertise on the 61850 modeling and implementation of IED IEC61850 on Raspberry by developing a complete ChargingStation mockup  illustrated by demonstration videos accessible on this site. This mockup is modelled on the basis of the IEC61850-420 DER. It is done in C++ and python using the libIEC6180 open-source library.