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Power Grid Experts - Interoperability - Standards CEI 61968 61970 61850 62325 63110

Zamiren has contributed to the work of the TC57/WG14 group since its inception.

This group is responsible for part of the modelling of the CIM and its profiles according to the following heading:

Title: Enterprise Business Function Interfaces for Utility Operations *(T&D)

Mission: Define standards for information exchange among systems supporting business functions that support power system operations,  maintenance and customer support. This includes major business functions such as asset management, work management, meter data management,  customer information, geographic information systems and engineering  design. Also included is interoperating with assets and business capabilities governed by interconnection agreements with customers.

These exchange objectives are illustrated by the following figure:

61968 1

Zamiren has contributed to profiling technology. She led the writing of the IEC62361-100 standard that allows syntax projection on XSD and contributed to the writing of the IEC62361-104 standard that allows syntax projection on Json schema. Profiling follows the principles of the following scheme:

61968 2