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Power Grid Experts - Interoperability - Standards CEI 61968 61970 61850 62325 63110

Zamiren has been a member of the IEC TC57/WG13 group in charge of IEC61970 since its formation.

The purpose of this standard is:

Title: Software Interfaces for Power System Operation and Planning

Mission: To define standards for software interfaces between systems supporting operational functions directly involved in the operation and planning of the global interconnected electricity network. Develop power system network models used by these operational functions to analyze network behavior. These operational functions cover the entire interconnected network at all voltage levels and often involve interactions between the systems of different network participants (e.g., RTO/RSC, TSO, DSO, microgrid, generator, consumer).

The group contributes, in its field, to the development of the information model CIM (Common Information System) which is the vocabulary shared by all actors of the electrical system.

The conceptual model followed is that of the “smart grid” and can be illustrated by the following figure which describes the conceptual model of the “smart grid” and which illustrates the objective of achieving operability through standards and in which the CIM is positioned:


Our contribution focused on profiling methodologies. We have thus contributed to the genesis with ENTSOE of the first version of the profile of the European TSOs CGMES: